I had a bloody awesome weekend / week hanging out with friends, very much enjoying the company of one friend in particular.

Stuff: really have the sewing bug lately, and can't seem to lay off the new painting (preliminary stage just now).
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Please pass this on.

Due to illness I can't go to Leipzig, so I have a ticket and transferable return plane ticket with Lufthansa for sale.

Dep: 29th May 12:15 from Heathrow - exchange in Duesseldorff - arr. in Leipzig 17:30

Dep from Leipzig: 2nd June 13:15 - exchange in Munich - arr. 16:30 at Heathrow

I can be contacted christinalwilliams@hotmail.com for prices. I need to know ASAP :)

Many thanks


Food Poisoning at Ikea Edmonton

Just moved house, Dan and Jessica and I headed off to the warehouse-wonderland for bits and bobs, went for a meal in the Ikea cafeteria where I had salmon and veggies.

Some time later, I was nauseous, had to go to the ladies' a few times, was still overwhelmingly ill and couldn't walk. On my way out of the mattress showroom I suddenly had to grab one of those yellow bags ... First aid was called and I was still getting rid of the toxic meal. Dan reckons my face was really pale with bright red blotches, and I was really cold despite the shop being stuffy and warm. Ambulance arrived, my blood pressure dropped quite a bit and had to spend the rest of the journey with legs elevated!

In A&E, which was a three-hour wait, Dan and Jessica were brilliant at keeping me amused. At one stage though, my throat was closing up and I lost my voice, and I looked at my hand and wondered what it was for, what my name was, and I had the distinct impression that my stomach was full of metal pipes.

By the time I was seen to, the nausea had passed. The doctor asked all sorts of questions and said that it sounded like food poisoning. Ikea rang yesterday asking how I was. Said nobody else had been affected by the same meal I'd eaten.
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Room Available - E17, London

See gothhousing for photos under user kaz_pixie:

Area: Walthamstow/Whipps Cross/Leytonstone

Rent: £340 per month + Bills (£75 council tax, TV and water, £60 gas and electric(on average) £6 phone and broadband

To live with two people - one male and one female, both mid 20s, neither of whom are goths but both are very goth friendly. Both young professionals - looking for someone similar who is in full time employment.

There are some photos of the room below - it's a large double with double bed, double wardrobes, bed side drawer set, fireplace etc. There is also a phone socket in the room.

Online Art Printing

Hi y'all!

Does anyone know of an on-line printing site where people interested in buying prints of, say, my artwork, can go choose the size they want, quantity, and the company will print it out, post it to the customer, and give payment to the artist, say, me? :)

I used to be registered with prints4u, but now they seem to be a different company.... I've heard smugmug do something like this and will investigate it now, but it would be handy if I could register with a similar company.

"Kira" (my surname used to be Hawkes;)

You Know What Sucks?

International time differences when blase, non-insomniac relatives going in for "emergency surgery" haven't told you how the operation went :/
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Today So Far

Have moved on somewhat from the pissed-off post earlier ... Turns out the sharp stabby pains I've been having is a simple case of bursitis (top femur). I often find knowing what's wrong calms me down considerably :) Was also happy to report that I've been able to concentrate AND sleep better this past month (although not simultaneously).

Showed my animation-in-progress to the tutors this morning and got positive feedback :D It took me a day and a half doing something that was minor detail, but will be worth it in the end.
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Fed Up

I had a lovely weekend - made progress on animation, had a relaxing time at Simon's.

One thing marred it somewhat - and I'm too pissed off to care whether this is bad form or not - but one of my housemates, Elliot, hasn't given me bill money or shown any evidence that he's set up a standing order as I requested several times.
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