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E10 Sublet

Soothing, Yet Cauterizing

Reading-based, Death Metal Shoutiness

Righto - back to wonderful assignment.


Joost Juice

joost is quite lovely what with its good quality clips and wildlife documentaries (good to peep at when I should be working;)

Wow - I woke up today as a big mass of Blurghh, realising how much work I had to do, and I must say I'm caning through it. This pleases me as at first I thought, oh god they're giving more assignments, when will I have time to animate??? Also, some Australian friends have posted pant-wettingly funny Abhorrent photos for my brother's Faceboink memorial!!:D There are more things to come, but I'm so very chuffed at the response so far.

"Into the Wild"

IMDB link

I really enjoyed this film. Simon recommended seeing it. It's full of beautiful shots, the pace is quite slow in places but it was rich in content. I felt the film captured the mood of a young man wishing to escape a suffocating existence. Instead of being a cliched representation of an upper middle class bloke slumming it, you felt that Chris was prepared to go to the ends of the earth - literally - to strive for true independence. The film could easily have demonised American suburban culture and the family Chris was raised in, but it was explored and represented sensitively. I don't think there was any "quick fix" message either, as the main character did willingly endure extreme hardships. I was so choked up at the end of it - worth seeing.


Geek Squad agent just installed a desktop aerial to hopefully solve my patchy internet problem..... There's a ghostly, trampy smell lingering, and I'm ruefully chuckling to myself that yesterday someone from the Geek Squad rang for a few "survey" questions about the presentation/personal hygiene about this agent ... My response was that everything was fine but, bless - lovely bloke: does need a good wash! ;)

Turns out I don't necessarily need a "Permanent Residency" stamp on my current Australian passport as I did for my old one - I can travel with both :) Cost for a simple stamp on my new passport is over £100 :/ I can apply for a British passport now and keep dual citizenship.

Looks like my course hand-in is EARLY May and Leipzig is LATE May .... and Laura might be coming too!!!! Also, graduation ceremony will be in December, not September, but there was nobody in the office to confirm date :/

Enough faffing: more work! Class this afternoon, Inferno in the eve(ning)

Bad Swears to Share and Cherish

On the set of "Terminator Salvation":

Christian Bale Goin' Off!!!

Breakfast Boo-Boo

On the Breakfast show this morning the topic of snow levels brought out a startling measurement: "27m .... that's eight inches" (??)

Well I never!

Photoshop Addiction?

I don't get on with Photoshop's "Despeckle" or "Dust and Scratches" filters as it seems to do funny things to the focus:/ This means zipping round with the Clone tool, which is pretty painstaking. I only meant to spend a couple of hours on the memorial photos and lookit, 5:15pm already .... Can't. Stop. Blurghhhhhh

Mick Memorial

Not so long ago a good Aussie friend, Mike Mungus, posted some old photos from his days in "Abhorrent", a band he was in with my brothers, Brett and Michael, and drummer Lindsay Beazley.

For those of you who aren't aware, my brother Michael (Mick) drowned off the coast of Stradbroke Island in 1997. The photos Mungus posted prompted so many stories and memories from those who knew him that I thought a Facebook memorial was in order.

It will be an open group, so that people can have a wander, contribute photos and posts. I'll let you know when the group's ready.


HOLLOWAY ARTS: a flurry of other peripheral stuff, but without the Guinness World Records aspect to it (our event already broken by 2500-odd participants) we can concentrate on it being a truly educational day.

SEWING: I went to pitufina's and we had a go at making some fabric-covered buttons. I want more of this sewing-circle business. The garments she'll be presenting to a client are very tasteful and well constructed.

DEVIANT: Cryogenica, Trauma Pet and Ghost of Lemora at the Purple Turtle. Cryogenica's singer is a lot more commanding this time around and has ditched the white angel outfit:) Trauma Pet's opening number reminded me A LOT of Interlock (disbanded now, sadly). Not sure about the night .... feel it's an awkward venue. Nevertheless, great chatting to Swiftie:)

VAGABONDS: Probably the best night I've ever had there! So many people I knew, and made more friends as well.

FACEBOOK: my Swiss gimp friend posts some rather confronting photos. Nearly sprayed my coffee.